Remodeling Project for the Barcelos Waste Water Treatment Plan

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Project Details

The Barcelos WWTP, which came into operation in 1999, was built to treat domestic and industrial wastewater from the municipality of Barcelos. The facility has a capacity to handle a flow of 274,75 l/s, which corresponds to an equivalent population of 133 250 inhabitants. The aim of the project is to analyse, from a technical and economic point of view, the best treatment alternative for the remodelling of the WWTP, and to develop the corresponding detailed design in order to comply with its discharge license. The project includes three distinct phases of development: Phase 1 - Diagnosis and Baseline Data; Phase 2 - Feasibility Study (Study of Alternative Solutions); Phase 3 - Detailed Design and Technical Assistance.


Client: Águas de Barcelos, S.A. (Portugal)

Project Description