About Us

Engidro engineering solutions is a Portuguese engineering consulting company, founded in Lisbon in 1979, focused on providing engineering and architectural services. Its activity, in the area of environment and life quality of the populations, encompasses studies and projects regarding water treatment and supply, waste water drainage and treatment, solid waste collection and treatment.

The services provided comprise all the stages inherent to the preparation of studies regarding planning and execution of works, from vision, planning and feasibility studies, to works definition, execution, inspection, monitoring and consultancy to the Owner / Developer. In this process, besides the development of studies, projects and management, engidro ensures all related areas and complementary specialties.


The permanent technical team covers most engineering and architectural specialties. The team’s water supply and sanitation specialists are regarded as some of the most experienced and competent to act in the sector.

The team of permanent specialists includes professors from Portugal’s main engineering educational institutions and is complemented with the collaboration of highly qualified consultants and researchers.


Progress and improvement of living conditions, desired by the world population, has brought the challenge of sustainability in face of a universal access to resources. Today this is the challenge that engidro’s engineering and architecture professionals are ready to answer.

As a result of this need, engidro has expanded the national scope in the last decade, operating in several parts of the world. Both its management structure and its human resources have accompanied this transition by promoting a sustainable globalization.


Engidro clearly focuses on the consolidation of its activity in the global market. This strategy is based on partnership and collaboration with key players in the environment and water resources management sector.

Engidro‘s mission is to provide a high-quality technical service in its areas of operation, seeking to meet the expectations and needs of its clients. Clear commitment on service customization accords the company a widely recognized history of trust and credibility.



Engidro aims to maintain a balanced staff, in terms of gender and maturity.




Engidro operates currently in 9 countries, through branch offices or in cooperation with local technicians and offices. However, its presence in the world goes well beyond these countries, since it integrates a global network of service providers in engineering and architecture. Conquering new markets is a permanent challenge, that relies in partnerships and large-scale studies and projects throughout the world.